CWP Brand Launch update!

My branding process is in full swing and I must admit, I am pretty giddy about everything that is happening! When Lauren sent me her initial inspiration board on Monday it only proved to solidify my decision to go through the branding process. She took the ideas on my Pinterest board, read through my homework and pulled together a tight and cohesive board that would be exactly what I would put together if I knew how to do it! Ha! 

Here it is. Isn't it beautiful? Everything Lauren creates for my brand will be inspired from this board. Eeek!! 

There are many exciting things planned for next week and be ready for some big changes! I will likely be changing some things around regarding blog subscription as well as adding a newsletter which will be a fantastic benefit for newer photographers looking for a community in which to learn more about their craft and how to run a successful business! 

I also may or may not be doing some exciting things on the blog and over on instagram that may or may not rhyme with the word "schmivaway". mmm hmm I went there. ;-) 

I will also have some information next week regarding our recent trip out to the East Coast to house hunt and how all of that translates into me MOVING my business across the country and what my plans are to remain active, busy and successful! 

So. Much. Fun. Thanks for joining me on this journey! I'm just as excited to show you all the developments as I am to see all of them as they develop!