CWP Branding Update {LAUNCH date and giveaway!}

Owning a small business can be equally rewarding and challenging. When you work for someone else, the business can still function even when you personally might have unexpected life events that take you away from your job. When you own your own business and are basically a one man show, you don't have that luxury! Deadlines remain, projects continue and you have to figure out a way to balance the pressures of life and business all at the same time. 

I am so glad I hired a professional to design my brand. During our time working together, "life" has happened for both Lauren and I. Both of us being small business owners, we understand the stress and pressure this can put on meeting deadlines and working toward an end goal. Communication is key however, and I feel it is imperative for professional small business owners to be masters of communication. Everything will fall through the cracks without it!! 

While our process is taking a slightly longer time than originally intended, I'm happy to announce that my new brand will officially be launching on June 12th! I am SO PUMPED to show you all of the fun things we have been working on to create this professional and timeless brand that will help communicate what my mission and strategy is when it comes to my photography business. 


In addition to all of that excitingness, I will also be doing a GIVEAWAY. And this is a giveaway that you will NOT want to miss, I promise. Its a GOOD one. So stay tuned, just a little while longer and all will be revealed. Woo Hoooo!!!