Lens Love // 35mm f/1.4 {the Knife}

Lens Love | 35mm f/1.4 | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography

Lens:                 35mm Sigma Art f/1.4 
Nickname:         The Knife
Started using it: Fall 2014
On my camera: 25-25% of the time
Bought it:           new

There has been a lot of buzz in recent months concerning the Sigma Art series of lenses. Every time I saw someone mention it online, they oohed and ahhhhed like nobody’s business. I honestly don’t know that I have seen anyone say anything negative about either the 35 or the 50 Art lenses and actually don’t even hear any mediocre reviews. Everything has been over the top positive.

35mm | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | Lens Love | NY&NJ

In the Fall of 2014 I had a friend hire me to photograph her child's birth. I knew that I would need a wide lens that would also open really wide in order to get good exposure in a dark birthing room. I would also be shooting a wedding soon and pretty much anytime you shoot indoors, the wider the lens and the lower the aperture the better. I decided to go ahead and invest in the Sigma Art 35mm for both of these events. I knew that even though I may not use it often on portrait shoots, that it would be a really good lens to add to my collection. 

The reviews on this lens are spot on. I am constantly shocked by how sharp and fast this lens is. Its the heaviest of my three primes, but I find myself shooting with it more and more for some beautiful wide shots where I want to really highlight the environment around my client. It is also a dream for any indoor shooting because I can open it up and it is still crisp and amazing. 

35mm | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | Lens Love | NY&NJ

I am so incredibly impressed with this lens that instead of someday investing in the Canon 50mm f/1.2, I might instead invest in the Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4 instead. The price difference is significant and I have a sneaking suspicion that the color, speed and sharpness of the Sigma would not disappoint. I am so excited to have the 35mm in my collection and I look forward to using it much more in the future! 

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