Lens Love | 100mm Macro f/2.8

Lens Love 100mm macro | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photographer

Lens:                     Canon 100mm Macro f/2.8
Nickname:             Get in close
Started using it:    Fall 2015
On my camera:      10-15% of the time
Bought it:               used

I recently had the opportunity to pick up this beauty of a lens. I was fortunate enough to connect with someone selling it in a facebook group who had barely used it. She had purchased it just days before she found out her boyfriend had also bought it for her! He got her the IS (Image Stabilization) version, so she decided to sell the non-IS version. It was a great price and had been used maybe once or twice. I was planning on eventually getting the IS version, but knowing I might need to use this lens sooner than later, I decided to go ahead and invest in this one. 

100mm Macro | Lens Love | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photography

If you don't know about the beauty of macro lenses, let me tell you, they are pretty amazing. If you notice on most lenses, the focusing distance is usually farther away than you would like it to be in some circumstances. If you get too close to the subject the lens will simply not focus and you need to back up. With a macro lens you can get close, close, CLOSE! The closest focusing distance on this lens is 1 foot which is super close considering the focal length is also 100mm. On a 50mm 1.4 the closest focusing distance is 1 1/2 feet and the focal length is twice as wide so it feels like you can't get that much detail. With the 100mm you can get all up in your subjects business!!

This results in the ability to capture amazing detail of very small things in your image. You can achieve great depth of field and highlight details in ways you never thought possible. This is why this lens is used so often in ring shots for wedding photography. 

100mm Macro | Lens Love | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photography

The 100mm is also an amazing portrait lens as you can achieve beautiful compression and bokeh (similar to the 85mm) and the lens is so much lighter than the 70-200 that it makes it much more desirable to leave on your camera more often. 

Despite the amazing images that this lens is capable of producing, it can be a tough lens to perfect and you really have to practice with it, especially when photographing something like diamonds. I will likely have another post in the future getting into the specifics of capturing a great ring shot and will include some helpful tips and tricks that have worked really well for me. 

100mm Macro | Lens Love | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photography

If you are a wedding photographer, I think a 100mm macro (for Canon) or 105mm macro (for Nikon) are essential for your bag. Detail shots like these are not only fun to capture, but they are becoming standard practice to provide to couples on their day. I highly encourage you to invest in this lens if weddings are your jam! 

100mm Macro | Lens Love | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photography

Do you have a 100mm macro? What is your favorite thing to take photos of CLOSE UP?! 

Lens Love | 70-200mm f/2.8 {The Big Guy}

Lens Love | 70-200mm f/2.8 | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ & NYC

Lens:                     Canon 70-200 f/2.8
Nickname:             The Big Guy
Started using it:    Summer of 2014
On my camera:      10-15% of the time
Bought it:               used

This is one of those lenses that gets talked about a LOT. For a wedding photographer it really is a must have lens. You just need to be able to zoom into that 200mm in order to get some quality emotional shots where you are not all up in someones personal space. So much of wedding photography is about capturing moments and not directing the shot and the only way to successfully do that is with a long lens that will get you near the action without running the moment. 

The main reason I bought this lens was because I booked my first wedding. I knew that I would need one eventually as I transitioned more and more toward wedding photography and I found a really great deal for one on eBay that saved me about $1000 from buying a brand new one. Score!

There is no denying it, shooting at 200mm at f/2.8 is just a dream. The compression that you get from that combination…wow. I know there are quite a few photographers who have pretty much made that combination their go too style and produce pretty much all of their images at those exact settings. Thats how visually pleasing it can be. However, the drawback, is that this guy is HEAVY. Its difficult to keep the camera still when you hold it up. Shooting with it for a few hours will give you some back, shoulder and arm soreness. It does have image stabilization which certainly helps, but you have to be very conscious of your shutter speed when shooting so you don’t go below about 220. Sometimes that can limit you in lower light situations. 

I wanted to use this lens more during portrait sessions, but I have found it's just not that practical. In order to shoot at 200, you have to be pretty far away from your client which is not always ideal if you are giving directions. I find that the 85mm does what I need it to do without me having to be so far away and it is just so much lighter to carry around. 

I see myself reserving this lens only for weddings. It is a perfect wedding lens. You can zoom in to get moments and then zoom right on out to 70mm to get a much wider shot, all without moving an inch. If you are a wedding photographer this is a must have, if you just shoot families or something else, this is probably one you can skip for something more functional. It's fun to play with though, so if you don't own one, at least try to use someone else's at least once! 

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