5 year anniversary photos // Paul & Cinnamon

6 years ago on a beautiful day in August, Paul and I met for the very first time in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Seattle near Pike Place market. You can read more in depth about it in this blog post that is a part of our Team '76 series. We both have very vivid memories from that day given that we both could tell that something big was happening. We had only been chatting a few weeks online, but when we finally met in person, we knew that this could be the start of something amazing. 

Since we were going to be back in Seattle close to our 5 year wedding anniversary, we enlisted the help of some of our photographer friends to meet us downtown and take a few photos where it all began. Paul and I also have a tradition of taking a photo holding a photo that we took the previous year to commemorate every single year we have together! Its a fun idea I totally stole off Pinterest and we enjoy coming up with a new idea for the photo every year. 

Scott and Mistry met us on a warm day during our trip in July and took some photos of us around Pike Place and also with our photo! We love how they turned out! 

I LOOOOVE the fact that we were able to get the below photo. This is THE very restaurant that Paul and I shared our first meal at and we both HATED it!! It seriously was awful. But neither one of us said anything about it because, you know...it was our first date. We picked it together at random so it was neither one of our faults, but we highly enjoy that memory of us both picking at our food and choking down what we could so we wouldn't be embarrassed. 

We took some photos of Scott and Mistry while we were there as well and dealing with the busy-ness of Pike Place was quite the challenge! I kind of like it though...it accurately communicates what Pike Place is and how its such a popular place in Seattle. Totally love it! 

Paul and I met here, took our engagement photos here and now have some anniversary photos from this wonderful place as well. Thank you Scott and Mistry for meeting up with us and capturing these moments for us that we will cherish forever!