Scheeringa Family // Cross Estate Gardens

Cross Estate Gardens Family of Five Photography | North New Jersey Family Photography

Heather and I have been planning this session since last November! YES, you read that right! We have been planning, scheduling and rescheduling this session for almost ten months. But you know what? I'm so glad it took that long, because the end result was well worth the wait!

I love this family! Heather and I clicked right away in women's bible study and her husband Reuben is the youth pastor at our church. They are new-ish to New Jersey just like us but instead of coming from California like we did, they came from Alaska! How's that for different? 

Heather and I talked a lot about location for this session...she wanted something rustic and beautiful, with great texture. When a friend told me about Cross Estate Gardens I had a feeling it would be just perfect and it was! She just loved it and we had a great time exploring the property and utilizing various different spots throughout. 

It was a gorgeous end of summer day last weekend when we met up and we had a fantastic time! These five were naturals in front of the camera and Paul and I were convinced that they had taken a posing class before the session. They were pros!! 

Enjoy this sneak into our time together and I want to personally thank the Scheeringas for being so awesome during our session and just in general for being amazing and awesome people! We are lucky and blessed to know you! 

Beth + Pete // A wedding under the Brooklyn Bridge

I'm so excited to be sharing some images I took shooting with Amy Rizutto Photography at The River Cafe in Brooklyn this past June. 

My main role at this AMAZING wedding underneath (literally, right underneath) the Brooklyn Bridge was the photo booth! I was so excited to be in charge of all of the fun stuff that goes down at wedding photo booths! In addition, I helped out a little bit during the ceremony as well as getting some detail shots around the property. 

This was such a fun wedding to be a part of. The bride and groom and the ENTIRE guest list were from New Zealand! They wanted to have their destination wedding in NYC and wanted the entire New York experience! You absolutely need to go and check out Amy's post to see all of the fun NY moments this cute couple shared on their wedding day. 

It was a very intimate ceremony with about 40 guests total and The River Cafe is THE perfect spot to have a small, intimate gathering such as this one. From the ceremony location views including the NY skyline and Brooklyn Bridge in the background, the black and white striped ceiling, to the front courtyard that was so beautiful I wanted to just stay there and hang out for quite some time, this wedding had it all! I am so honored to have been a part of it! Enjoy this small sampling from the day and like I said before, go and check out Amy's blog post to see the full thing!