The Murray Family // Washington D.C.

Washington DC Family Photography | Family Photos at the Capitol Building

I've known Katherine since college and I just love her. It's been so nice to stay connected with her over the years despite where life has taken us. We both ended up marrying Army men and even though she has three adorable daughters and lives in the DC area, I still feel like we are kindred folk. I love her sense of humor and the way she loves her family. She is an amazing woman and mother and I am proud to call her my friend! We've been trying to get together ever since I moved to the east coast. She and I were lucky enough to meet for breakfast when I went down to DC for the VIPINtensive in February and when Paul and I planned our trip down to DC for a few days I mentioned it to her because I totally wanted to see her again and meet her adorable family (whom I have only seen online!) She was so cute because she was like, are coming? I totally want to see you and can I hire you to do our photos? It just worked out perfectly. And the fact that she wanted to take them near and around the capitol building was amazing! What photographer doesn't want to shoot there?!

The day ended up being so much colder than anticipated. The day before was awesome and the day after was awesome (of course) but that day we had clouds and temps only in the 40's! Brrrr!!! It led to there being not a lot of crowds around, but we were all pretty much freezing the entire time. Despite the cold, I think we still got some great family memories for them and I am so glad we were able to get together! We headed out to dinner afterward to catch up and chat and all around it was just such a special day. are the best and I just love your family! 

P Family // Fall family session

north new jersey fall family photography | family of five photography session | Family with twins

When I used to live in the high (and dry) desert of California, I would see photos from family sessions taken on the East Coast and longed for the day when I would be able to photograph the vibrant colors and multitude of leaves on the ground. Granted, the desert is beautiful in its own right, but photographing East Coast colors is still pretty darn awesome. 

I finally got my wish! This energetic and fun family session was at the tail end of Fall foliage but we still got some amazing color and leaves for our session. And those smiles? Get out!! I can't even get enough of the above photo and that ridiculous joy!! Ahhh, to be young again!! 

I love this family to death and am so happy we got some time to hang out and capture some fun family memories from this time in their lives. First year in their new house and the only time these kiddos will ever be this age again. That totes deserves to be documented!

Oh and we had a visit from some wild turkeys during the session!! Mr. Paul was throwing leaves and the turkeys thought it was food and they came running! It was funny and terrifying all at the same time. 

And speaking of Mr. Paul, he had these boys captivated. For the photos on the steps he was having them do some "poses" and they just ate it up! It was hysterical and I am obsessed with those images! Enjoy all of my favorites from below!