P Family // Fall family session

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When I used to live in the high (and dry) desert of California, I would see photos from family sessions taken on the East Coast and longed for the day when I would be able to photograph the vibrant colors and multitude of leaves on the ground. Granted, the desert is beautiful in its own right, but photographing East Coast colors is still pretty darn awesome. 

I finally got my wish! This energetic and fun family session was at the tail end of Fall foliage but we still got some amazing color and leaves for our session. And those smiles? Get out!! I can't even get enough of the above photo and that ridiculous joy!! Ahhh, to be young again!! 

I love this family to death and am so happy we got some time to hang out and capture some fun family memories from this time in their lives. First year in their new house and the only time these kiddos will ever be this age again. That totes deserves to be documented!

Oh and we had a visit from some wild turkeys during the session!! Mr. Paul was throwing leaves and the turkeys thought it was food and they came running! It was funny and terrifying all at the same time. 

And speaking of Mr. Paul, he had these boys captivated. For the photos on the steps he was having them do some "poses" and they just ate it up! It was hysterical and I am obsessed with those images! Enjoy all of my favorites from below! 

Christman Twins // Ridgecrest Maternity Photographer

I love it when my clients are adventurous! I have been documenting Caras journey to twins for a while now (how has it been 25 weeks already?!?!) and a loooong time ago we had planned her maternity session for late January. 

I know Cara pretty well and know that she falls on the more adventurous side, so when I suggested we get a long flowy maternity gown and head out to Red Rock canyon, she was all IN! 

Due to the way the canyon is situated, we had to go early in the morning for the best light. That meant we were up and at 'em at around 7am. In January! Luckily we live in a relatively warm place so it wasn't freezing FREEZING, but it was still cold. I think somewhere in the 40's. We brought blankets and robes to keep this pretty mamma in between shots. 

Her hubby and my hubby were there as assistants and I got a shot of them holding their bellies too! Ha! They were very helpful carrying stools and ladders and Caras husband was a fantastic material tosser! 

Cara was such a trooper and I really think we created some magical images!

Later that day we got together with her two little girls (Yes, she is soon to have FOUR kiddos!) and did some maternity shots with the whole family. I love that we have been able to commemorate this incredibly special time in this growing families life!