Lovelace Family // Ridgecrest Family Photographer

The Lovelace family is the exact reason why I do what I do.

North NJ Family Photographer

Living the military life has so many rewards and blessings, but can be so incredibly difficult at the same time. Its a special kind of life that until you are in the throws of it, its really difficult to get your head around. 

I was overjoyed to spend time with these five a couple of weeks ago to spend time laughing, giggling, crying, running and blowing bubbles. Daddy Lovelace (Chris) left this week to spend a lengthy amount of time halfway around the world. A time without birthdays, anniversaries, tears and laughs. A time without snuggles and tickles. 

Photos matter.

Daddy will have these photos on his desk and in his office halfway around the world so his kids can be there with him during the time he is away. While playing in the living room, the kids will only have to glance up to the wall to see Daddy and smile. 

Photos matter. 

Thank you to the Lovelace family for your service, sacrifice and love.