Why I am attending WPPI {and what classes I'm taking}

In a few short days Paul and I are headed over to Las Vegas to attend WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). This is a HUGE conference for photographers that happens every February in Las Vegas. I knew last year wasn't going to be possible and I made it a goal of mine that it would happen in 2015. Its only a four hour drive for us so which is an even bigger bonus! 

There are two huge reasons why WPPI will be so beneficial to me at this point in my career. 


This is the thing about photography that just continues to excite me EVERY. DAY. The learning never stops. You NEVER reach that point where you are done, nothing left to figure out. Even after 40 years I'm sure there would still be something new to try. Its such a massively large field and I am enjoying the learning process immensely. I feel its very important to diversify your learning strategy as well. Reading websites and practicing is one thing, but being around others in your field and learning and listening to their experiences and insights will absolutely help to grow you in your own journey. 


The Expo is where all of the vendors hang out and show you their stuff!! As with most industries, there are thousands of support industries out there and trying to figure all of that from behind a computer screen can be maddening. For example, I am researching album companies right now but without the ability to see, feel and touch the products themselves its very difficult to make a decision. There are at least 5 album companies (maybe more) that will be at the WPPI expo. I can look at all of them and then make a more informed choice about what to offer my clients!> 

When you sign up to attend WPPI you can select 5 platform classes to go to for guaranteed seating and then you can try to attend other classes that are at different times that your platform classes during your time there. Or you can just attend the platform classes. There are TONS of options. I chose the five classes that Paul and I will be attending while we are there together and some of them are taught by photographers who I have MASSIVE respect for. I am over the moon excited!!


  • Beloved : Photographing the 5th dimension taught by Jesh De Rox
  • Dueling Identities: Ten steps to balancing personal and professional marketing taught by KATELYN JAMES!!! 
  • Fabulous Family Portraits with phenomenal sales taught by Sandy Puc


  • The First Five Years: How to Launch a Successful Photography Business taught by Kevin Kubota
  • The Perfect Light taught by ROBERTO VALENZUELA!!!

Katelyn James is a wedding photographer based out of Virginia whom I have followed and admired for a while now. Her heart for the industry, her business savvy and her adorable dog are all so inspirational to me!! Roberto Valenzuela wrote that amazing book Picture Perfect Posing that I have discussed previously and I am so excited to hear him speak in person. 

I also plan on stopping by and talking with Amy & Jordan so Paul can meet them. I am so excited to see them again!

This weekend is going to be a blast and I am so excited to soak in all of the info to benefit my business and my clients going forward!!