A CWP update!


There is no update yet on our move, however we do have a time frame narrowed down. (Of course when it comes to the military anything is possible!) We are 85% certain our move will happen sometime between July 10th and September 10th. We will hopefully have more information as the weeks progress. Even though the waiting is always hard, I am so thankful that I have so many things to occupy my time and keep me busy in the interim. Time is fleeting! 


Business Update

Full Time

Paul and I have given this a lot of thought, discussion and prayer and we have decided that I will be leaving my part time job at the church around the beginning of April. I have made a lot of decisions about how I will be moving my photography business forward and it is just too distracting to split my energy between the two worlds. I need to spend the last few months before our move prepping everything so I can really hit the ground running in our new town and put my ideas into motion. 

While I am incredibly thankful that God brought me this job when he did (and honestly it has made my whole experience living here soooo much better) its time for me to go ALL IN and fully commit. Photography is not just a hobby or a passion for me, this is my new career and I need to act like it! 


In support of my decision to commit to being a full time photographer, I've decided that I need to brand. I need an identity. Although I love my current logo, its just that...a logo. Its not a cohesive brand identity. I'm planning on partnering with someone who can help me accomplish this and I can NOT wait to get started! I am at the very beginning stages of this process but I am very excited to share more along the way. Stay tuned! 

Blogging with a purpose

Oy, this is a big one for me. Those who know me well know I have gone through various iterations of blogs. I love to write and craft posts, however until now, I just don't feel I've had the best platform and I also feel like I didn't have a real PURPOSE to my blogging. I knew I liked it and wanted to do it, but for what purpose exactly? I've thought a lot about this lately and I feel like God has shown me some powerful things about how to go about this going forward. 

I've written out an extensive list of blogging goals along with an ongoing strategy for my blog. My main intention with every blog post will be to provide useful, inspirational or educational material. 

I feel that in the past, my blogging has been hindered by two things: lack of purpose and fear of upsetting someone or providing wrong information. I've really come to terms with the latter in the past few months as I've had more and more confirmation that once your live in an online world, you really can not control the level of negativity that might come your way. People will challenge and disagree so much faster when they are behind a keyboard. You say the sky is blue and someone, somewhere will try extensively to prove you wrong. 

I've been surprised countless times in the past by hearing from someone who I had NO IDEA read my blog(s)  and have found the information helpful or inspirational. This will remain the focus. I will not let the small percentage of Debbie downers and negative Nancys get in the way of potentially helping a way bigger percentage of those looking for help or knowledge. 

Restructure of CWP 

I am so excited for this!! Everything about what I do will be changing when we move. I honestly believe I have done my clients a bit of a disservice these past two years, but at the same time you have to start somewhere and I have a much better grasp now than I did then about running a successful, profitable photography business.

This all comes down to service, service, service!!

Cinnamon Wolfe Photography will be a full service photography business focused on weddings, seniors and families. I will partner with my clients to make their vision a reality, I will serve them from initial contact to final delivery and I will provide my clients with hand-me-down memories. 

This will be a big change and honestly there are a lot of people who don't really have any interest in hiring a full service photographer. And that's OK! There are photographers for every need out there, but I will really be in search of clients who value the partnership, service and products that I will provide.

While I am so excited for this change, I am also SO excited to continue serving my current and future clients here in Ridgecrest under my current business model. I have a TON of sessions already lined up for the next few months and I know as our time here draws to an end it will be very bittersweet to say goodbye to all of these families that have trusted me with their memories. 

Blakelynn and Chloe

I looooove photographing seniors/teens/young adults. There is just a different energy that comes from photographing a subject who most likely is really interested in the process, has relatively clear ideas about what result they are interested in achieving and most of all they can communicate with you! Ha! (Don't get me wrong, toddlers are fun, but they do struggle in the communication department.) =) 

Blakelynn and Chloe and I had a great time on a Monday afternoon during break. I had all sorts of things I wanted to try out and experiment with and they were super open to all of my ideas. We spent a little time indoors and then headed out into the cold afternoon sun for some outside shots as well. We ended up in the VERY cold desert for some shots with flash and even though we all had to thaw out quite a bit when we were done, we still had a fantastic time. I also think we achieved some really great images, quite a few of which I will be using in promotional materials for Seniors as well as sample products.