Behind the Lens // Holidays 2014

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I guess thats kind of always how the holiday season is right? Seems like it takes forever to get here and then once the time comes its over before it even seems to start! 

This year the kids were out of town so it was juts Paul and I for Christmas. We have a lot planned for next year so we needed to save time off and stay in Ridgecrest instead of traveling. While we absolutely miss spending time with our families one added bonus to sticking around this year was being able to book some sessions during the break. I actually had four bookings the week of Christmas and one was even on Christmas day! That really is the beauty of owning your own business, you have flexibility with your time and are pretty much in control of when you work. I know that this won't be the case every year, but for the times when it works, it works!  

North NJ Photographer

The only majorly sad thing that happened  is that I accidentally dropped a lens during a session and unfortunately I think it is donezo. I have insurance but my deductible is the same amount as the lens. There are zero camera shops here in town so the chance that I will be able to get it fixed is also slim to none. It was a great lens and my go to lens for kids and families, so I decided I just needed to invest in a new one. Luckily I found a similar but different lens that I was thinking of upgrading too anyway on ebay for the same price as the lens that broke, so that has been ordered. We will see how it goes! 

Even though we stayed relatively busy this holiday season, we still had quite a bit of down time. Paul and I bought a couple of games and have been playing them pretty much non-stop. We are slightly addicted and we don't care what anyone thinks! This one is called Caverna and we seriously love it. 

North NJ Photographer

I cooked Christmas dinner for the two of us this year and it turned out pretty good. We prefer to fry our turkey but couldn't get our hands on any oil this year so we will have to wait for some good 'ol friend turkey next year. 

North NJ Photographer

I decided to say goodbye to my other blog at the end of this year. I was documenting a photo a day plus my goals and reading list over there, but I've decided that 2015 is really going to be the year of focus. I need to focus my efforts in order to stay on track. I really feel like spending all my time over here on this blog will only help me to remain focused on my business and how I want it to grow during this next year and beyond! So expect to see more personal stuff on this blog in addition to sharing my client sessions etc...

I like documenting a photo a day however, so going forward for 2015 I'm going to utilize Instagram with the hashtag #CWP2015365 to keep track of my daily adventures for this year. I am hopeful that I can keep it up. I would love for you to follow along my journey. Follow me here: Cinnamons Instagram