What's in store for 2015 at CWP?

As 2015 begins, I can help but feel an overwhelming sense of excitement for the new year while at the same time feeling an equally overwhelming sense of frustration and lack of patience regarding all that is to transpire during the next 12 months. 

You see, I haven't really mentioned it in detail until now, but there is a 99.9% chance that we will be picking up our lives and moving this year. We have no idea when. We have no idea where too. All of that creates a lot of difficulty when trying to make changes to and grow your newly started photography business. However, at the same time, I can't help but feel nervous excitement about this move and what it might mean for my family and my business. 

These past few months I've done a lot of reading, and researching how to run a successful small business. I don't want this to just be a "hobby". I want to own and run a profitable business to help support my family as well as provide an unforgettable experience and lasting memories for my clients. I've made some decisions about how I want to structure my business as well as what I want to focus my efforts on going forward.

As is common with many newer photographers who want to gain experience by shooting pretty much anything and everything they can, I have also fallen into this "trap" if you will and have pretty much taken most jobs that people inquire about. However, I truly believe I will only continue to grow and gain competence in a few specific areas that I really do enjoy by focusing solely on those. 

I've also made some decisions about my business model and pricing structure. They are pretty drastically different from what I am doing now. This means however that I either make these drastic changes now, which really wouldn't make sense given that we likely have 6 months or less in this town and the majority of my client base is repeat or referral based; or I need to wait until we move and make all changes then. 

I've decided to wait, however that obviously grinds on my patience gears. Especially since I don't know what town we will actually end up and what that market looks like and how big it is etc etc etc...

To stay sharp and moving forward I have decided that 2015 is not only going to be the year of positive change, its also going to be the year of the workshop. I currently have two lined up and will hopefully add at least one more before the year is done. 

They are both next month and I am so pumped to attend them both!!

First up is a first time workshop held by a couple whose work, faith and philosophy on sharing and teaching others is astounding. I've been following them for over a year and when they announced their workshop a month or so ago, I instantly knew I needed to invest in it. Especially since they are only one state away in Arizona!

Only a few weeks later, Paul and I are driving to Vegas to attend WPPI. I am super excited about this as well because it is essentially the mecca of conferences for Wedding and Portrait photographers from all across the country. I have already signed up for classes that are being taught by some photographers whom I admire greatly and I think I am going to learn a ton during the short three day trip that we are there! 

In April, Paul and I are going to Italy!! Yes, you read that right, we are traveling to our first European vacation to visit and stay with friends who are stationed in Naples. We hope to visit Rome and Venice during our time there and I hope to do a portrait session with my friends while there. Holy moly I am excited for all of the photo opportunities this trip will present. 

After that, everything is kind of up in the air. We should find out where we are headed in the next couple months and hopefully get orders in hand within the next three to four months. Then its planning and packing and settling into our new city wherever that may be. I hope to continue serving clients here in Ridgecrest until we move and hope to gain some new clients for the Holiday rush at the end of the year in our new city. I also hope to get my hands on a couple more weddings as well throughout the year. 

So many unknowns as this year begins to unfold, but there is one constant that I never have to worry about. God has a plan and he will forever take care of me. No matter what storms or surprises that life brings, I am his child and he will protect and guide me. That will never change.