CWP is moving!

Please read through this ENTIRE post to ensure you are getting the most accurate information! 

I have hesitated to write this post and make this announcement for a while. Mostly because this has happened before where I have announced something and then BLAMMO! everything changed. Such is the way of military life. It honestly feels like nothing is for certain until the moving truck pulls up to your house (and sometimes not even then)!

But I have a business to run and planning needs to happen. So hopefully you can stick with me and if anything changes at all, it will be announced here as quickly as possible!

I know I have alluded to our move before, but things have progressed and we have more information about location and timing. We do NOT have official orders yet and we don't know when exactly those might show up, but I feel the need to get this information out there because I know people will want to schedule sessions before we go. 

As of right now we will be headed to the east coast for Paul's last assignment. We will be in the New Jersey area about an hour away from NYC! We keep joking that people will actually want to come visit us now! =) We think our start date will be July 10th which means a move across country mid(ish) June!

Although summer may seem far off, when I think about all that is happening in the next few months I know it will be here before we know it, I want to make the best of our time before we go and fit in as many sessions as possible before the time I shut down the camera and computer and start packing. 

This means that if you want to book a session with me we need to get that on the books NOW. March is already booked and we will be out of the country for 10 days in April. Time slots will fill up quickly and I will likely NOT be taking sessions in the two weeks prior to our move. 

I will be posting this on FB and IG a few times to ensure that the word gets out, but please send me an email if you have thought about setting up a session but haven't gotten around to it yet. I would love to serve as many families as possible during my last few months in Ridgecrest, but again, we need to get those on the calendar as soon as possible! 

Again, if any of this info changes I will be posing on my blog with those updates, but if you would like to get something set up, please send me an email through the CONTACT form on this website or send an email to