2016 Connect Retreat Photo Shoots!!

Last week in my recap post, I mentioned briefly about the photo swaps that were done at the Connect Retreat. Well today you are in for a treat! I had the pleasure and honor of shooting both of these amazing couples portraits and I'm so excited to show them of today! 

First, I have to say, the WinShape Retreat Center is pretty much a photographer's dream. Everywhere you look is SO beautiful and the contrast between the red roofs, the white walls with brown trim and the green grass and trees seriously had me like, woah. I was so blessed to have been able to do some shooting there!

First up was Kristy & Vic! I've known these two for a while and even met up with them briefly when they visited NYC a while back. I was so excited to see them again! We talked before hand about swapping photos so we met up a little before dinner to do a photo swap around the campus! Love them! 

Up next was Mary-Claire and Paul! This cutie couple was in our small group and needed some updated photos of the two of them! These two have EIGHT kids and I would say that deserves some celebration!! So blessed to capture two people who are such a great example of a Godly marriage!