Italy // Capri

The day after we hit up the Amalfi coast, we took a day trip with our hosts, Darby and Garrick to the island of Capri. 

Cinnamon Wolfe Photography

We took a guided tour of Capri which was great because we got to know a little bit of history about the island before we took off and wandered around a bit on our own. The island has a rich history and is known now for attracting many celebrities and well-to-do's because of its breathtaking beauty and seclusion. 

You arrive at the main harbor and then catch a Funicolare up to the main city square or La Piazzetta to wander the tight streets of shops, see some amazingly beautiful homes and hotels and of course, the stunning views. 

We we were done with the guided portion of our tour, we ate lunch and then headed to the harbor to catch a trip to the Blue Grotto, which is one of the things Capri is famous for. You take a boat to the area and then have to get into a smaller row boat so you can get into the cave. The entrance is low so you have to duck down quite a bit. Because of the water, light source and reflection, the water in the cave glows a brilliant blue. The trip was short but WELL worth the time and money for the experience of it all. 

The first photo below is in the marina. Then Darby and Garrick on our boat to the row boat. The entrance to the grotto and then my photos from inside. 

I am very glad we took the day trip out to Capri! It was a great day spent with good friends in an amazingly beautiful place. Highly recommend! 

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