The BEST feature in 17hats

Last week I introduced you to my client management system, 17hats. We walked through all of the basic features that 17hats has to offer, but I wanted to take a little more time to talk about my favorite feature and one that I believe is a total game changer.

best feature of 17hats

The quote/contract/invoice feature. 

In 17hats, you have the ability to send a client a quote for services. You can give them various choices including "Standard Quote Item", "Choose One" option, or "Choose Any" option. 

In addition, you can set the due date for the quote, add sales tax and a discount on top of that. 

Within a client profile, you can also choose to send them a contract to review and sign. 

An additional choice under each client project is the option to send them an invoice. 

Instead of doing all of these things individually, you have the option to do all three in one extremely easy step that takes only a few minutes to set up, saves your client from receiving multiple emails and also encourages the natural flow of booking clients. Clients accept a quote, sign your contract and then pay the invoice all in one correspondence. Viola! 

You can set this up by setting up a quote. 

Then you check off "Invoice" and a box comes up which gives you the option to add some Notes or a PO

Click Save and then click the box next to Contract. This will pull up the contract template which lets you choose which contract you want to attach to this quote as well as signing method. 

Then you will see that both the contract and invoice are now attached to the quote.

Enter your quote items that you want to send or send only one choice that the client may have already informed you they are interested in buying. 

Once you click SAVE on your quote, you have the option to send this to the client. Click SEND QUOTE and this will pull up an email template. 

You can pre-write templates in another area of 17hats or simply write your email right from this screen. (If you do that, you have the option to make what you wrote a template which is super handy!) 

Once you are satisfied with the email, click SEND and off it will go to your client. 

I have a dummy account set up in 17hats so I can test out how all of the features work so I can see it from my clients perspective. This is what the email looks like after the client receives it from you. 

Once your client clicks on Review and Accept Quote, this is the screen that pulls up. It defaults to show the client the Quote screen. They can review and then accept at the bottom. 

Once they click ACCEPT, it will pop up the next button that takes them to the Contract screen. 

From here, the client can fill in any information you have requested, review the contract details and then sign at the bottom. 

After they have signed, the option to click on the invoice will come up. They can review the invoice (which should read the exact same information that was included on what they selected from the quote) and then click Pay Invoice at the top. 

When they click Pay Invoice the option pops up for them to add in their credit card information. 

After your client has gone through and completed these three steps, they will receive confirmation emails indicating they have accepted a quote, signed a contract and paid an invoice. 

On your end, you will receive an email once each of the steps is completed. Here is what those look like from my email inbox. 

Once I started implementing this system, I started to get a much quicker response from clients on not only the signature of the contract but also the payment of the invoice. I didn't have a great system for online payments prior to using 17hats, so I was simply accepting checks or cash on the day of the session. This way, my system is much more professional and as long as clients don't have any qualms about making payments online, I get paid much quicker and don't have to worry about follow up emails, reminders to bring payment to the session etc... I would say that 75% of my clients would pay the invoice online when they received the email from me. This has drastically reduced email correspondence for me as well as made the experience more seamless and professional for my clients. Win, win! 

All opinions expressed in this post are my own, I was not compensated by 17hats. If you would like to try them out for yourself, click HERE

17hats // An Intro

Yesterday I provided a list of the top 5 resources for new photographers and 17hats was one of those tools. Since 17hats is a relatively new online client management system, I wanted to begin a small series on the features that are included in this system, how I utilize the system for my photography business and some how to posts to help make learning the system easier. Even though "out of the box" 17hats is a pretty intuitive system to use, real world examples never hurt right? Right! 

intro to 17hats client mgmt software cinnamon wolfe photography

Keep in mind, this post is not intended to be an in depth how to for each of the items in the system, rather a basic overview of what each of these features does and what sort of info is included. 


Once you sign up for the trial or for an account you will be taken to the Overview screen which acts like a dashboard. This is where you can get some quick information about what's coming up on your calendar, what is outstanding, emails that need to be responded to etc...

17hats Overview Page


This section is pretty self explanatory. Any contacts you enter into the system are kept here. They are listed alphabetically by first name. I really like how the page is laid out. It takes one/two clicks to get to the client I need to get to. Easy Peasy. 

17hats Contact page


I haven't used this area very much but when you enter a contact, you can label them as a hot or cold lead if they haven't booked yet. This way you can follow up with them etc...Handy. 

17 hats Leads page


Everything in 17hats is based on project. A session for me would be a project. If a client re-books another session, I just add another project under their name. You can keep all documents/emails/invoices/notes etc...related to each project together so it makes finding things very easy. I love how organized and easy it is to find whatever I need to find. 

17 hats projects page


You can see all of your projects/to do lists calendar view. You can have multiple different calendars and you can also sync to other calendars as well. I sync to my shared calendar with Paul so I can see what he has going on and he can see what I'm up too as well. Love it! 

17 hats Calendar

To Do

You can add to do items under clients projects or you can add them here. I have added blog posts as to do's so I can see them in a different color on the calendar. There are many different uses for the to do lists, this is just one example. 

17 hats to do list


A one stop shop to see all of your paid and outstanding invoices. Everything is clickable as well so you can get to a client from this screen etc...

17 hats Invoice page


Workflows is a relatively new feature and I haven't delved much into it since all of my workflows will be changing once we move. However, I have heard good things from others and it can be set up to auto send emails, contracts it can help you save tons of time on the backend making sure all of the little items don't get missed! 

17 hats workflow


I love this feature! You can sync up your business bank account and categorize all of the transactions and then pull reports! This can be a little more tricky to set up and to make sure you are categorizing everything appropriately can be a little daunting. I might go into this more in a future blog post. Stay tuned! 

17 hats bookkeeping

And there you have it! A very basic intro to the inner workings of 17hats. Stay tuned for more posts in this series of how you can utilize 17hats for your business!! 

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not compensated by 17hats for this. If you would like to try them out for yourself click HERE